External and internal spaces

The home we all imagine to reflect the people who live in it. Stone has always shared the daily life of people: for furnishing and decorating, lasting Over time. Analysis of the project, execution feasibility and development are followed up step by step and no detail is ever ignored.

Furnishing with stone

Stone sustains you in various ways.
Cobble paving, flagstones, roads made with small cubes set to resemble a huge inlay. An arch, a column, a balcony, a wall along a road or in a home. Strong and immobile, simple or complex, as people design and re-invent it from time to time. Stone has been part of our cities for centuries and blends with a huge range of other materials to embellish squares and gardens, decorate staircases, gates and windows, create kerbs and road finishings.

Technology and resources

A great idea and a major project for a square or even a small corner to be enhanced. Stone is processed with state-of-the-art machinery and technology. When such machines are not enough, highly-skilled stone carvers patiently smooth out roughness and sharp edges to complete and balance individual components with the overall design.